10 Confidence Building Techniques for the Boardroom

One of the biggest snags in the success and career advancement of many young people is a lack of self-assurance. When faced with a room of the top guns of the corporate world, it is easy to feel intimidated and want to retreat into a corner. But, look around you, and you’ll hear about lots of young teenagers who made ... Read More »

Trump signs order undoing Obama climate change policies

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order rolling back Obama-era rules aimed at curbing climate change. The president said this would put an end to the “war on coal” and “job-killing regulations”. The Energy Independence Executive Order suspends more than half a dozen measures enacted by his predecessor, and boosts fossil fuels. Business groups have praised the Trump administration’s ... Read More »

Not Using Whiteboard Animated Videos – You Are Losing Your Potential Customers

Animation video solutions that are whiteboard are useful in the current cut-throat market competition. Internet marketing is a term which indicates the manners where we approach the individuals that are different in their choices, options & preferences. They are of different sexes and age categories around the world. Similar or one way thoughts can never be the case with them ... Read More »

Things to Remember While Choosing a Company Offering Services in Truck Repairs

Trucks and trailers are large vehicles, which are mainly used for commercial purposes. When a truck is bought, it is expected that it will run in good condition in the initial years. It is after some years that problems might start coming up. There are huge electrical and mechanical components that are integrated in the trucks and these need regular ... Read More »

Frugal Hints for Furnishing a New Office

If you own a small business or you are considering an expansion of a sole proprietorship, furnishing an office that appeals to both clients and employees is an important task. Before spending a great deal of money on creating your workspace, consider taking advantage of some tips that will ultimately have a positive impact on your bottom line. Selecting the ... Read More »

Get Rid of Damaging Credit Inquiries

Applying for credit cards, or obtaining financing for a new car can leave lasting damage to your credit score. If your score is unusually low, check and see if numerous credit inquiries have been made. Each inquiry strips your score of points. How a Simple Credit Inquiry Hurts The purchase of a new car or a home may involve trying ... Read More »

Brokerage calculators: How are they helpful?

Share trading in India is one of the most prominent ways that people think of when they have to save their money, invest it somewhere they could get some quick returns or simply want some sort of conventional way to earn money. Another known fact here is that you cannot directly invest your money in any of the options like ... Read More »

Syria conflict: Army cuts IS supply route into al-Bab

Syrian government forces have advanced towards so-called Islamic State’s last major stronghold in Aleppo province, cutting off the main supply route into al-Bab, a monitoring group reports. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said troops had captured Tal Uwayshiya, a hill 9km (6 miles) to the south-east. It overlooks a key road linking al-Bab to the IS-controlled city of Raqqa, ... Read More »

U.N. Sees Record Spike in Civilian Children Killed in Afghanistan

The number of civilians killed in Afghanistan rose to record-setting levels in 2016 — including a 25 percent surge in child victims — the United Nations said Monday. An increase in attacks perpetrated by ISIS-affiliated groups and a near-doubling in the number of Afghans killed by airstrikes were blamed for the rise. “The killing and maiming of thousands of Afghan ... Read More »

Trump to team up with Japan’s Abe for round of golf in Florida

U.S. President Donald Trump will play a round of golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Florida this week and says he will make sure the Japanese leader is his partner in the game, rather than a competitor. Trump, who is due to welcome Abe at the White House on Friday, told Westwood One Sports Radio that playing golf ... Read More »