Increasing Productivity with Professional Assistance and Guidance

You may have the best product or service to offer to the public. However, without a motivated team of sales people, you may never get your company off the ground and to the level of success you envision. When you want to know how to get your team behind you and your product or service, you may lack the objectivity ... Read More »

How To Take Your Company’s Conversion Rates To A New Level

In this contemporary era, many company leaders are interested in ensuring that they can optimize their conversion rates. If this is one of your primary goals for 2016, it’s important to know that there are numerous strategies you can deploy to optimize your bottom line. Here are three of them: 1. Invest In Maintenance Services. If you’re serious about conversion ... Read More »

Top Things that you should avoid while doing Spin Bike related Workouts

Working on spin bikes has various advantages. Especially if you are looking forward to losing some weight, then working on spin bikes should be on top of your priority list. Spin bikes tones your muscles, increase your cardio endurance and burns a lot of calories. But just like any other machine, there are many things which you need to take ... Read More »

Sam4s cash registers

The cash register was originally invented by James Ritty in 1879. Cash registers are used to keep a track of the transactions done in a business. It is a mechanical or electronic device which can keep a count of the number of transactions along with the amounts of money involved in the transaction. It is usually linked to a printer ... Read More »

Bernie Sanders Wins Washington State and Alaska Democratic Caucuses

Jim Urquhart | Reuters Bernie Sanders Looking to find any place to chip away at Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s wide delegate lead, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders scored decisive victories Saturday in the Washington state and Alaska caucuses. In addition to those states, Democrats are also holding caucuses in Hawaii with a total of 142 delegates at stake this weekend. Sanders ... Read More »

Tory plan on academies faces cross-party opposition

Local government leaders demand the government drops controversial project to turn state schools into academies The leaders of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties in local government have united to demand that the government drops controversial plans to force all schools to become academies by 2022 in a massive blow to its flagship education policy. In a letter to ... Read More »

Aluminium use to rise to 20 MT: Anil Agarwal

Describing aluminium as the future, Vedanta Resources Chairman Anil Agarwal yesterday said the consumption of the metal will rise to 20 million tonnes (MT) from the present 2 MT going ahead. “India only has 1.5 MT aluminium production and the consumption is about 2 MT. It is going to be 20 MT. Everything will move to aluminium. Whether railway, construction, ... Read More »

Shoppers Stop reviewing duty-free airport venture

Fashion retailer Shoppers Stop has said it is reviewing the joint venture with Nuance Group, under which it had forayed into duty-free airport retailing, as there is not much scope for “cash flow and profitability“. “We are always reviewing all formats, all businesses based on their profitability on long-term basis. Hence, we are also reviewing our airport business,” Shoppers Stop ... Read More »

Sweatpants Are Now Trendy And Fashionable!

For years, sweatpants were just used as clothes to wear when one was exercising. They were comfortable and, therefore, many of wore them at home while relaxing in front of the television. However if one was wearing these pants at some outing or even for meeting friends for a drink, it was considered as a terrible fashion crime. The person ... Read More »

The Most Important Skills for Succeeding in Engineering Career

The first step towards a successful engineering career is scoring a good score in JEE Mains and Advanced. This is why students start checking JEE Mains rank predictor and JEE Advanced cut-off once they are done with the exam. Due to the fierce competition in engineering job market, it is important that you are aware of the necessary skills you ... Read More »