Fun Publicity Ideas for Food Cart Owners

Owning a food truck is a more affordable alternative to running a standard restaurant. With your own restaurant, you’re responsible for overhead and operating costs, including ingredients, insurance, employee wages and utility bills. When you buy a cart, you can set up in downtown locations, in parking lots, at festivals or fairs and in dozens of other places. While you ... Read More »

Considering Your Options for Vehicle Fixtures

Firefighters put their bodies through the wringer on a daily basis. They exert themselves physically to a point that many of them are exhausted by the end of their shift. During the time that they are traveling in the firetruck to and from a call, they may want to give their bodies a break so that they can be ready ... Read More »

North Korean invasion: Kim’s masterplan will leave a million dead

Starved of food, North Korea is on the brink of collapse, and in its desperation threatens an invasion of its South Korean neighbours. Reports from the country reveal Kim Jong-un has built a replica of the South Korean presidential palace to train his troops for an invasion as tensions escalate. And with America pledged to defend the South in case ... Read More »

A Facebook post proves nothing gets past Woolworths

A WOMAN who tried to outsmart Woolworths has been seriously burned by the supermarket giant online. She posted on the company’s Facebook page complaining about the state of some avocados she bought from a store in Double Bay. “I purchased these avocados from your store at Double Bay yesterday, upon making a sandwich today I came to find these avocados ... Read More »

The Obama administration is now ‘giving full cover to the Russians’ in Syria – and the results are ‘catastrophic’

People inspect the damage at the Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)-backed al-Quds hospital after it was hit by airstrikes, in a rebel-held area of Syria’s Aleppo, April 28, 2016. Forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad pounded the Syrian city of Aleppo with airstrikes on Thursday, targeting a hospital and killing at least 55 civilians in a new offensive that is ... Read More »

Nooyi, Nadella among world’s highest paid CEOs

8 CEOs on the list are female, and they far outpace the median pay for the Equilar 100 as a whole As many as three Indian origin persons have been named among 100 highest-paid CEOs globally with PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi and LyondellBasell’s Bhavesh Patel making it to the top ten list compiled by Equilar. Chemicals company LyondellBasell Industries’ top executive ... Read More »

Valeant CEO to tell Senate he regrets raising heart drug prices

Outgoing Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX.TO) Chief Executive Michael Pearson plans to tell a U.S. Senate panel on Wednesday that he regrets his decision to acquire and jack up the price of two life-saving heart drugs, saying it was all a “mistake.” “The company was too aggressive- and I, as its leader, was too aggressive – in pursuing price increases on certain ... Read More »

Jerusalem rocked by bomb explosion on bus

A bomb explosion on a Jerusalem bus has injured 21 people, two of them seriously according to Israeli security sources. The explosion, the first in Jerusalem since the end of the second intifada a decade ago, gutted the number 12 Egged bus and set fire to a second passing bus, as well as a car. Most of the injuries occurred ... Read More »

House Prices: London’s super-rich are now renting to avoid stamp duty and taxes

London’s super rich are increasingly turning to renting, a new report shows. The number of letting deals on properties worth more than £10 million has increased by a third in the year to March 2016, according to figures by estate agent Knight Frank. Sales of homes worth over £10 million fell 33 per cent in the same period of time, ... Read More »

Syrian rebels declare new battle against government

Syrian rebel groups announced a new battle against government forces on Monday, a sign of escalating violence that has undermined a ceasefire deal and threatens to derail U.N.-led peace talks. The groups, which included factions fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army and powerful Islamist Ahrar al-Sham, said in a statement they would respond “with force” against any ... Read More »