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Should Small Business Owners Invest in Real Estate? 5 Motivating Factors

Small business owners usually have a lot on their plates, trying to scale their enterprise, manage their employees, and maintain a grip on cash flow all at the same time. But being ambitious means always seeking new opportunities. If you’re interested in building wealth and establishing a more secure financial future for yourself, you’ll need to consider investing in more than just your ... Read More »

These 5 Real Estate Investment Mistakes Could Kill Your Business! Learn Why

Investing in real estate as a business can be a great way to make money. Your tenants, whether business or residential, will contribute to cash flow and operating profit every month, right? The property will appreciate for an eventual sale, and you’ll gain tax deductions connected to real estate property. Yes, all these things can happen — but real estate investing can ... Read More »

This bank account switching report is a real hassle

Considering the historic apathy of the British public when it comes to switching their bank accounts, it seems apt that those tasked with writing a competition report on the topic don’t seem in a terrible hurry to conclude. But on Tuesday the delayed investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority into retail banking reaches a critical phase with the publication ... Read More »