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Running a Sideline Business? 5 Tax Issues You MUST Consider

Today, many people have a sideline business to make extra money, to test a business concept, or to just enjoy a different type of work. The gig economy, where self-employed individuals find freelance and other business opportunities through such online platforms as Uber, TaskRabbit and Upwork, is proving to be a good avenue for sideline businesses. But sideline businesses can be independent ... Read More »

Time is running out to revive the global economy, warns IMF chief Christine Lagarde

Time is running out for policymakers to stop the scars of the 2008 financial crisis from eroding the social fabric of nations, the head of the International Monetary Fund has warned. Christine Lagarde said co-ordinated action was needed to prevent the global economy from slipping into a “new mediocre” of low growth that would be “hard to reverse”. While Ms ... Read More »