3 Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Facebook Business Page

As a new small business owner, you might be trying to increase interest in your brand with a Facebook business page. There are millions of users on Facebook, so learning the basics of making your own page can be an effective way to reach a wide array of customers. However, if likes, link sharing, and comments have decreased or stopped altogether, there are ways to identify and correct errors that you may be making with your Facebook business page.

1.      Depending Too Much on Automation

While using automated apps that post your content at a certain date and time may be helping you save time, they might also be hurting your business. Using automated services might cause you to become too comfortable with the automated process itself and engage with your customers less in real time.

For example, if you find yourself short on time and schedule a post during the busiest part of your day, you may miss out on responses to the post. To avoid this problem, be selective about how much and how often you use automated posting services and engage in real-time posting at least a few times a week.

2.      Posting Unoriginal Content

When you first created your Facebook business page, you may have had a solid plan concerning what you wanted to post, and you might have even posted a few informative short pieces about your goods and services. As time went on, however, you might have begun to depend on cute or funny pictures you found online to fill in the gaps. While this kind of content can be useful on occasion, depending on it too much can turn your business site into a collection of useless anecdotes.

Plan and create posts ahead of time by finding links to relevant content or use a bit of free time to stockpile original articles or learn how to create blog posts so that you do not find yourself falling short when the time comes to post information that may gain you more likes and new followers.

3.      Failing to Focus on Your Facebook Page

While it might be tempting to open accounts on other social platforms in order to increase your brand’s visibility, this may be causing you to neglect your Facebook page. While having other social media accounts can be helpful, it is wise best to focus on your business page when first starting a business so that you can master the advertising and social tools that the site offers.

Maintaining a Facebook business page can be an arduous task. However, the more time you take to create quality content and to interact with your followers, the more success you might have.