3 Small Business Operations to Outsource

As a small business owner, you have chosen to take the road less traveled. You have probably realized that the number of hats you are wearing means your plate is constantly full of tasks that must be completed in a timely manner. Sometimes, it makes sound business sense to outsource the repetitive and time consuming duties. Payroll services for small business professionals are well-versed in their trade, for example. Since it is their specialty, you can be confident that they will deliver mistake-free results.

Here are three more business operations that you may consider outsourcing.


The art of marketing has evolved profoundly in just last five years thanks to the rise of new marketing channels like social media. Since the evolution continues, unless you are keeping up with the latest trends, it is a good idea to outsource this business operation. There are numerous marketing firms that specialize in traditional and online marketing. They keep up with the trends, and if necessary, can maintain your online assets like social media accounts and website. Their rates are usually negotiable, and they are willing to run as an extension of your company.


The rise of technology and software has opened the door to the world of virtual assistants. Qualified virtual assistants are trained to handle tasks like scheduling, data-entry and email. They can set up reminders, write memos and take messages. As you interview prospective candidates, if you require additional skills, you will want to include them in your job ad. Outsourcing these duties to a virtual assistant can free up valuable time allowing you to focus on bigger picture endeavors.


Sales and lead conversions are another small business operation that can easily be outsourced. As your company grows, you can solidify your own sales department. Until then, streamlining your pipeline should be a core focus. Since sales and conversions is where your operating income will be generated, working out the kinks before they become costly mistakes is a solid move. Once you begin to hire in-house employees, you will have to set up a human resource department that increases your paperwork and overhead costs.

When you are a small business owner, you make many decisions. Among those decisions is whether or not you will outsource any of your business operations like marketing, administrative or conversions so you can focus on business growth.