4 Tips for Improving Your Productivity

Maybe you want to increase your efficiency at the office. Maybe you’re tired of slogging through mountains of chores because you always put off cleaning your apartment until it becomes a pigsty. Whatever your reasons for wanting to get your act together, here are just a few tips for increased productivity.

1. Implement the Five-Minute Rule

Can you get it done in less than five minutes? If so, don’t delay. Do it right now. This applies to everything from filing paperwork to taking out the garbage. If it can be accomplished in less than five minutes, there’s no reason to wait, especially if you have a general problem with procrastination. Little tasks can snowball into big headaches when they start piling up, so it’s better to take care of them as they come.

2. Upgrade Your Software

If you’re having trouble keeping up with things at the office, you might want to invest in software that can organize or automate some of your daily tasks. For example, if it’s hard to stay on top of dozens of daily emails, invoices and spreadsheets, you might look into data governance software like the kind made by Mitratech. It can give you greater control of your workflow when everything that you need is at your fingertips, and the result will make you more productive on the whole.

3. Eliminate Distractions

Do you find yourself checking social media when you should be clearing out your in-tray? Do you like to play games and mess around on smartphone apps when you should be putting together PowerPoint presentations? If you can’t regulate the way that you handle distractions, you’ll need to get rid of them entirely. While there’s nothing wrong with taking a quick breather every now and then, they shouldn’t be a serious problem to your work schedule.

4. Create Daily and Weekly Goals

Daily goals will keep you focused whenever you feel yourself slipping. Weekly goals will give you measurable progress that you can track, analyze and include in things like performance reviews. You can also establish monthly goals, but don’t go any further than that. Lofty, long-term objectives are easy to write off because they’re set so far in the future. You’ll need clear and present goals to keep yourself focused on the “here” and “now.”

These are just a few ways to boost your productivity and make things happen. Whether you want to improve your work performance or get more things done around the house, it’s important to remember that change starts from inside of yourself. No one else can improve your habits or attitudes for you. You’ll need to make these adjustments with your own willpower!