All About Cantilever Racks

If you have found that your storage space or your warehouse is littered with non-standard storage solutions which are too bulky, too long, or just creating a mess in general, then you may want to check in to using Cantilever Storage Racks.

These types of racks are famous for being able to hold and store large cumbersome items such as lumber or metal and plastic piping. If your warehouse is filled with heavy inventory, then Cantilever Storage Racks should become your go-to for storage, if they are not already. In fact, cantilever racks are so strong and durable they are even capable of storing furniture and automotive parts.

When compared against pallet storage, cantilever racks are the clear winners. This is because their unique skeletal system framework allows them to store odd-shaped or unwieldy items. In a warehouse setting, there are usually not times when all of the inventory is similar in size and shape.

Companies such as Simply Rack generally offer 4 different types of cantilever racks. These styles will be I-beam, heavy duty, light duty, and furniture racks. While cantilever racks are undoubtedly more expensive to invest in than less convenient racking methods, there are a great number of benefits one can glean from using Cantilever Storage Racks.

The benefits you can expect to see once cantilever racks are being used are:

1. Increasing the ability to store non-standard products. These products may range from the heavy to the cumbersome but rest assured, there will be a racking solution that can handle them.

2. Handling costs are lowered due to the fact the racks feature an incredible easiness to the loading and unloading of them.

3. Cantilever Storage Racks feature a robust amount of vertical elevation. Not only does this save an impressive amount of floor space within the warehouse setting but the clearance for handling purposes are enhanced as well as the fact the racks are incredibly compact.

4. The flexibility of the racking setup is second to none since the entirety of the length of the racks are available to use. The slots of the storage racks can be of a highly selective nature. Essentially, you will be able to stack in almost any way you can imagine.

5. As the length of the load increases, the Cantilever Storage Racks actually become more economical. This is in direct contrast to pallet racks which become less economical as the load increases.