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A walk through Calicut University

Located in Malappuram district of Kerala, The University of Calicut, is a public university having a number of off-campus centers in neighboring districts, especially Kozhikode, Wayanad, Thrissur, Palakkad and Lakshadweep islands. It conducts courses and examinations for the students of the affiliated colleges. The main campus in Thenjipalam has departments in most of the science and humanities areas. The departments ... Read More »

Is it worthwhile to opt for a zero depreciation cover?

Worried about the repair costs of your car in case of a claim? Fret not! Insurance companies have come up with a zero depreciation cover to ensure you get the entire claim amount. Cars depreciate, and it affects the claim settlement process in the realm of car insurance. You might be thinking that your comprehensive car insurance policy will cover ... Read More »

Buy legal steroids and stay safe

Nowadays the practical use of steroids have become so popular that they are all over the news and television channels, making headlines on how it improved the athletic performance of runner or the weight lifting capacity of a builder. Every other person in the world is using synthetic medications to enhance their natural strength, sexual drive, cognitive functioning and weight ... Read More »

IIT Goa Cutoff

IIT Goa is a new IIT which started functioning only 5 months back, in July 2016. It is currently offering only three core branches of Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech) which are Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. You have to secure a good rank so that you can clear the IIT Goa Cutoff list, as only then you ... Read More »

Providing Training for Call Center Employees

Call centers are an essential part of many large businesses. They are a place where customers are able to get in contact with representatives of the company when they have questions about a product or service, when they need to purchase more of the product or service, or when they have issues with the product or service. Depending on the ... Read More »

Visit Ebay and Take Part in the Rain of Offers!

I am sure that, Ebay does not need any introduction at all. You all know that, it is an online shopping store that has been providing millions of products to its customers. It is one of the biggest ecommerce portals all through the world. Right from electronic items to fashion accessories, this shopping store has been providing number of products ... Read More »

Easy Ways to Improve Your Home

Selling your old house? Planning to remodel your house? A house truly belongs to you not when you sign the bond, but only after you customize it to your exclusive lifestyle. You need not rely on a handyman every time for altering or improving your home. Whether you’re planning to sell your house, or want to alter it to your ... Read More »

Your Time is Priceless, and So Is Your Watch!

Are you confused about what to gift your loved ones on their special day? A watch is an ideal gift for just about anybody! However, there might be a few who would settle for something different. Mostly people fancy wearing a watch; a tactical watch is preferred for adventure lovers. When purchasing a watch, don’t be deceived by its looks, ... Read More »

Proven Ways to Increase Your Credit Scores

Ever wondered What’s a Good Credit Score? It’s amazing to know how a 3-digit number can affect your life, especially when it comes to purchasing or borrowing money. Credit scores are the first to be looked into when you apply for a car loan, home mortgage, or credit card. The approval or denial of your credit application will be based ... Read More »

How to Set Up a Fully Operational Factory

If a company wants to stay ahead of its competitors, its production facilities must operate at the maximum logistical, technical, and organizational performance levels. Continuous improvement in the production line, as well as the more drastic, fundamental changes and adaptations are decisive to a factory’s sustained success. While setting up your own factory, you need to plan accordingly in order ... Read More »