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4 Reasons to Seek Counsel After a Work-Related Injury

Scenario: You are working hard and minding your own business. When suddenly, a piece of safety equipment fails, causing you to take a tumble and break an arm. Ouch! This would be called a work-related injury, and the circumstances would put your company at fault. Which is where you should seek counsel. Who is at Fault? If you can prove ... Read More »

Top Gate Opener Features for Business Properties

Owning a business property like an office complex or a manufacturing facility requires that the owner take steps to protect those who use those spaces. When you have a gate that surrounds your property, you’ll need an opener that makes it easier to open and close that gate. Commercial gates can weigh thousands of pounds, but an opener allows the ... Read More »

What does the future look like for care homes?

With the populations around the world that are beginning to live longer than they ever have, the needs in terms of healthcare will become more complex and the same thing applies to the UK. This means, that’s care homes need to introduce greater amounts of and more intelligent, assistive technologies. Care Home providers will also need to create sustainable living ... Read More »

How much does a power cut cost your business?

An estimated 63,000 properties in north Lancashire were hit by a power cut on the 21st June 2017 and Edinburgh Airport delayed flights on the 28th June due to a power-related issue. With more than 170,000 km of electricity cables to maintain, power outages will sometimes happen. But how much do they affect businesses? Together with Flogas, retailers of commercial ... Read More »

How To Make Your Business More Authoritative And Influential This Year

When a business owner becomes dissatisfied with the level of success the company has attained, it’s time to start thinking critically about what institutional or individual changes should be made to put the company growth process in full effect. Below you’ll find just a few business growth strategies that can make your company increasingly authoritative and influential this year: 1. ... Read More »

Is it Really Possible to Retire Before Your Dad Does?

You may be reading the headline of this article and wondering, “What if it were possible to retire before my parents?” Dad may love his job and be content to hang in there as long as possible. But you may not be so thrilled with your current position. Perhaps you would love nothing more than to retire before your parents ... Read More »

Make Planning a Part of Your Financial Strategy

Advancing in your career is an exciting step in life that often results in a higher salary, but taking care of that money is an important part of ensuring that you can reach your financial goals. With careful planning, it is possible to achieve your dreams without sacrificing your standard of living. Understand Your Risk Tolerance and Goals Having a ... Read More »

5 Considerations When Buying Truck Parts

Truck parts come in all shapes and sizes, so it stands to reason that some of them will be suitable for your vehicle while others won’t. But how can you tell the difference? What if you’re new to the world of truck parts? Here are just a few things to mull over as you make your final purchase decisions. 1. ... Read More »

Was Mickey Mantle the Best?

Mickey Charles Mantle, known as “The Mick” and “The Commerce Comet,” still holds multiple outstanding records that no one has been able to top. They are almost of an endless number and include hitting 536 home runs in his career, batting .300 or over 10 times, is tied with Jim Thome with their 13 walk-off home runs, has the highest ... Read More »

Waste Management Plans – Tips for Proactive Facilities Managers

When it comes to managing waste, proactive facilities managers can save their organisations a lot of money while also improving performance As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure – and this is as true for facilities management as any other profession. The ability to anticipate and head off problems before they develop into serious business issues is invaluable. ... Read More »