B2B marketing campaigns

Marketing your business is a perpetual journey. It requires time, energy, creative ideas and a consistent budget. Sometimes, your efforts to build and promote your brand bring great results. But is this going to last forever? Marketing means always looking for the next great idea to grow your business.

Around 40 percent of marketers don’t have the tools or the knowledge to prove the ROI of their marketing activities. These are huge numbers, which tell how important it is to have a clear image about your marketing.

The fact is you need a long-term strategy to make things work in the long run. B2B marketing efforts fail because they’re short-sided. They’re immediate, impersonal and they lack the bigger picture. In the absence of a cohesive strategy to implement, you’ll end up with no ideas and hit the bottom as you see your great results paling. Let’s take a closer look.

You Miss Important Opportunities to Convert  

Every marketing campaign should be part of a long-term strategy. Which means you don’t try something just because everybody does it. It works at the beginning, but it can’t keep you on top forever.

70 percent of companies are looking to improve their conversion rates this year. Most probably, you’re planning the same. But, by focusing all your efforts in one direction only, you risk being ignored by a significant audience.

To convert leads into customers, you need to have access to a large audience. You need to build a sales funnel. And this asks for various B2B marketing campaigns, all meant to serve a unique purpose – to boost your sales.

You must craft a universal message about your brand and keep pushing it in front of your public with innovative campaigns. Because one single campaign – for how successful – isn’t enough.

You Ignore the Bigger Picture

Your marketing efforts should be consistent and follow a specific line that allows your audience to identify your brand. When you fail, keep moving. When you win, keep moving. Victory is as bad as the failure if you don’t use it to grow in the long run.

You need to build a strong strategy to grow your brand. A plan of action that allows you to get more leads, convert them and increase your revenues.

Make sure you consider these three major elements:  

  • Mission – you must set measurable and clear goals, milestones and deadlines. Each campaign and every call to action you promote should have a specific purpose. If you don’t tell people what you expect them to do, they’ll just pass over your messages and you’ll obtain zero engagement.
  • Audience – it’s one of the most difficult elements to define in B2B marketing. If you’re working with small businesses, it’s easy to identify the decision maker. But, if you’re planning to sell to larger companies in the future, you must tailor your messages depending on the person you’re willing to impress – the CFO, the HR manager, other specialists inside the company.
  • Channel – you need to use more than one method to communicate with your peers – social media, email, blog posts, landing pages, video courses. Even if your LinkedIn page has increased your conversion rate, you should still consider an email campaign and a new message to go with it.

Your efforts should focus on these three because from here you can build successful campaigns, customized for each of your target audiences.

You Minimize Your Team

B2B marketing is teamwork. All by yourself, you’ll have difficulties with maintaining a consistent relationship with your current partners. Even more, you won’t have time to grow your business by getting new clients.

You need to build a team and invest in your staff, by helping people improve their skills. This way, your employees learn about new ways to promote your brand. Marketing automation, account-based marketing, CRM, artificial intelligence tools, custom-made email marketing; they’re all essential parts of a successful B2B marketing strategy this year.  Ignore any of them and your current efforts will fail.

Author Bio: Teodora Pirciu

Teodora is a Freelance Copywriter with a demonstrated history of working in the writing industry. Skilled in blogging and creative writing. Specialized in web content about SEO, content marketing, social media marketing and entrepreneurship. Strong media and communication professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication Science. You can connect with Teodora via LinkedIn.