No home advantage, garment exporters eye Vietnam base

Vietnam could be the new Bangladesh for Indian garment exporters. Hit by a massive duty disadvantage vis-a-vis competitors, stringent labour laws, poor infrastructure and inadequate policy support at home, the Indian textile and garment industry sees its woes accentuated by the recently-negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that could give Vietnam duty-free access to the US market. Analysts believe some Indian companies ... Read More »

Developing world should work together: India

Focusing on the need for India, Africa and other developing countries to work together,  the government on Sunday said that all three have to work “hand-in-hand”’ in the COP 21 on climate change in Paris in December and in the 10th WTO ministerial meet in Kenya “to ensure that our development agenda is not affected”. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony ... Read More »

Sin tax’ for alcohol, tobacco industries in GST regime

Alcohol and tobacco industries will have to pay more taxes towards an additional ‘sin tax’ under the proposed GST structure that seeks to bring in a uniform indirect tax regime across the country. “We have kept a provision of having an additional tax for the sinful industries such as alcohol and tobacco,” a senior Finance Ministry official said. However, the ... Read More »