Start-up, restart

Rebranding is a tricky and expensive business. Companies loathe having to start afresh, unless public relations disasters, acquisitions, mergers, or a business slowdown force their hand. Over the past year, however, India’s bustling start-up community has seen a rebranding rush without any looming crisis at hand. This year, Quikr,Zomato (twice in three months), Housing and several others have spent millions ... Read More »

Reputation matters

The World Intell-ectual Property Organisation’s (WIPO) latest report reveals a truth that we have all known for a while – that brands have taken over as the world’s most invested intellectual property. There is no longer a debate about whether brands influence long term business performance, but the bigger question is and has always been how and how much. In ... Read More »

Consumers walking away from iconic food brands

It’s easy to make fun of people in big cities for their obsession with gluten, or chia seeds, or cleanses. But urbanites are not the only ones turning away from the products created by big food companies. Eating habits are changing across the country and food companies are struggling to keep up. General Mills will drop all artificial colors and ... Read More »

IPTL 2 keeps its sponsors; gets a new team

Mahesh Bhupati’s International Premier Tennis League(IPTL) will be back in December with a new team from Japan. The league, which is in its second season, is still to break even, but organisers say interest in the sport is rising. Japan Warriors, a team owned by a consortium from Dubai and Japan joins the league this year while Coca Cola retains ... Read More »

Crafting stories, building brands

Stories are the earliest form of communication known to man. We connect through stories, sharing lessons, morals, beliefs and emotions as we tell them in our own unique ways. Advert-isers are our modern-day story tellers. Today as we adopt the digital space, we are experiencing the next level of storytelling, which industry calls long format advertising, usually 1-5 minutes duration. ... Read More »

St. Regis marches into Mumbai

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide officially threw open the doors to its luxury brand St. Regis, Mumbai, its first hotel in India on Thursday. The 395-room St. Regis is located in the central business district (Lower Parel) in Mumbai and replaces the Palladium brand that was operating out of the same space for the past two years. The property is ... Read More »

The power of the jingle

As an increasing number of companies look to get the word across to consumers in small towns and to non-English speaking audiences, radio is emerging as the new advertising star. A recent report by research firm Crisil shows that with the latest round of auctions, which brings 294 cities across the country under the FM bandwidth, the medium will see ... Read More »

Naturals gets its show on the road

From being a regional brand in the highly unorganised beauty and hair care business, Naturals, the Chennai based chain of parlours is widening its arena. The Rs 350-crore-group, having set up 510 salons across the country, stepped into Dubai last month and plans to go to America next year. The brand is also extending itself, from the salon business it ... Read More »

From penny stock to investors’ delight: Symphony’s turnaround story

In little over a decade, the 55-year old founder and chairman and managing director of Symphony, Achal Bakeri, has managed to spin a dream turnaround story. From a loss making company in 2002, named after the brand of coolers it sells, Symphony clocked an operating profit of Rs 164 crore in 2014-15. Also the company claims that more than 80 ... Read More »

Gujarat govt lifts ban on sale of Maggi

Twenty years ago, Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage maker, redefined how in-film placements happened in India, a key market for the company and one where movies are akin to religion in their appeal. A successful Bollywood foray led it into more experimental forms of storytelling; Coke Studio in 2011 and more recently a ‘happiness campaign’ for schools. And with this ... Read More »