3 Ways to Kick Off an Organization’s First Meeting

A newly-conceived organization can be rocky at first, as the founders and members must find a schedule that works, divide tasks equally, and learn how to keep things moving smoothly. In addition to this, the first meeting is usually the hardest to plan. There are three wonderful, low-stress ways to kick off a fun and exciting first meeting, which could ... Read More »

Why seniors are embracing cannabis and CBD

It may surprise you to learn that the fastest-growing demographic of cannabis users in the United States is not from the younger generation, but seniors. So, how did a plant that has historically been a preserve of counter-culture and particularly the youth become revered by society’s elders? While cannabis use may have been prolific during the 1960s and 70s, the ... Read More »

5 ways CBD can help the skin

Cannabis for the skin? It may sound a little strange, but new research into the endocannabinoid system (ECS) shows that cannabinoids can indeed be very beneficial for the skin. Cannabinoid receptors are well expressed in the skin, and can be influenced by CBD, THC and more. Our focus in this article is on non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD), and how CBD creams, ... Read More »

homeowners insurance daytona beach fl

Protecting your home requires more than the ability to install and operate a home security system. When you want to protect your home from disasters, accidents, and even burglaries, choosing a homeowner’s insurance plan is imperative. Protect Your Property From Natural Disasters Natural disasters are devastating and oftentimes, entirely unpredictable. Protect your home from natural disasters ranging from tornadoes and ... Read More »

What is laundromat equipment florida ?

Owning a laundromat somewhere with a lot of young college students can be a great way to build yourself a business income. However, if you’d really like business to take off, you need to do more than stock machines. What can you do to make your laundry a thriving part of a college community? Lease Multiple Machine Sizes College students ... Read More »

5 Examples of Live Chat Features that Actually Improve Customer Experience

With 55% of U.S. consumers in the habit of using live chat for customer support, if you aren’t on the bandwagon, you might need to hop on. When people go to websites, they want to have the option to speak with a live human without picking up the phone and having to talk. Oftentimes they only have a few minutes ... Read More »

Explained: Mutual fund cash holdings

Photo: iStock Every mutual fund scheme comes with a mandate to invest in certain type of securities. And at all times, as well. But every mutual fund scheme is allowed a tiny part of its portfolio in cash. This is allowed to meet redemptions or any ‘buy’ opportunities that the fund may come across on any day. Usually, equity funds ... Read More »

The Dos and Don’ts of Playing Rummy with Kids

Rummy is a fun game that people of any age can understand and play. That is probably the reason why rummy is a major element in most family get togethers. It is true that rummy also develops many skills in individuals and that is why it makes sense to play rummy with kids. However, remember a few things listed below ... Read More »

Learning the traits of investing in the stock market

Every investor is required to think carefully plus act smartly, irrespective of the instrument he is trading in. Today, smart thinking is highly needed for an understanding of the trading trend plus taking decisions according to that. Stock market investing is viewed as the hottest choice available, and it has become prevalent among the investors from all across the globe. ... Read More »

Indian startups make a beeline for funding at RISE

Organisers say there is a 40% increase in number of participants this year and more than 500 investors are attending From tattooing to dress rentals to security solutions, there is an astounding variety of Indian startup dreams searching for funding at ‘RISE 2018’, Asia’s largest tech event currently on in this bustling Asian business capital. By a rough count, as ... Read More »