Cramer: Top winner in red-hot cybersecurity

One year after the large hack heard around the world for Sony, Jim Cramer sees most cybersecurity stocks struggling. But there is one best-of-breed cybersecurity play that has made a comeback, and Cramer has crowned it as the winner — Palo Alto Networks. “I know a lot of people have been saying ‘yeah, yeah, sure, sure’ about Palo Alto because ... Read More »

Russian jet incident boosts geopolitical premium in oil

Oil prices rose Tuesday as traders priced in more geopolitical risk after Turkey downed a Russian jet fighter on the edge of Syria. But the market reaction was more muted in some asset classes more than might be expected, given past responses to geopolitical events. Treasury yields were lower, but there was not a huge flight to safety trade, and ... Read More »

Cramer: Santa Claus rally? No! Thanksgiving rally

With Turkey shooting down a Russian warplane on Tuesday morning, Jim Cramer thinks there is more than enough noise to contend with in this market. Especially considering what is happening in France and Belgium, investors are concerned that the market may not be able to rally this holiday season. “Put it all together, and this environment can feel pretty darned ... Read More »

The hottest and coldest stocks in the market

And for a large group of stocks within the S&P 500 index, the trend has been either decidedly positive or negative. Those performance trends stayed mostly intact this month, as stocks exhibited a fair amount of volatility on the heels of an October that saw the best monthly gains in three years. Some of the best performing stocks in the ... Read More »

Market is ‘very, very fractured’: Ralph Acampora

Stocks have been on a winning streak this quarter, with the S&P 500and Dow Jones industrial average up more than 8 and 9 percent, respectively. And master technician Ralph Acampora says that next week’s action could determine whether stocks will continue their run into the end of the year. “I think the momentum is still there,” the well-known technical analyst ... Read More »

Two winning stocks in cybersecurity: CIO

Money is pouring into the cybersecurity sector after a rocky summer, Global Financial Private Capital’s CIO told CNBC on Tuesday. But don’t expect cybersecurity ETFs such as the PureFunds ISE Cyber Security ETF and First Trust NASDAQ CEA Cybersecurity ETF to fully bounce back, said Chris Bertelsen. “The problem with these, of course, is that in a very volatile market ... Read More »

Goldman Sachs: No stock market gains in 2016

Goldman Sachs analysts believe 2016 will have pretty much nothing to offer investors. In fact, the firms’ strategists forecast the year to end right about where it began, with the S&P 500 stuck at 2,100 amid a morass of higher interest rates, the end of margin expansion and a “bifurcated” market through which participants will have to tread carefully. “We ... Read More »

Gold prices could see ‘significant downside’: Technician

Gold prices got a bid on Tuesday as the dollar rally softened andgeopolitical unrest had investors scrambling for safety. But according to one top technician, the boost is nothing more than a dead cat bounce. “I think there’s significant downside from current levels in gold and its benchmark ETF, the GLD,” Rich Ross said Tuesday on CNBC’s “Trading Nation.” Gold ... Read More »

Is Amazon going to cut UPS, FedEx out?

After disrupting the retail sector with e-commerce and the legacy technology industry with cloud computing, what is Amazon’s next big disruptive act? Responding to an unsubstantiated media report the company secretly launched an air cargo operation in Ohio, Baird’s Colin Sebastian believes Amazon is building out a transportation and logistics offering. Here’s what he said in a note to clients ... Read More »

Cramer: ‘I’m sick of Tiffany’

Tiffany’s earnings miss has CNBC’s Jim Cramer fed up. “I’m sick of Tiffany. I went over their last two releases. What is it with these guys? It’s just incredible what they’ve been predicting,” Cramer said Tuesday on “Squawk on the Street.” The luxury goods retailer posted earnings per share of 70 cents, missing estimates by 5 cents, with revenues also ... Read More »