What is a dash and how to predict dash price

What you need to know about dash and its price

Author’s Snapshot of Dash features captured from the homepage

Experts say that the world of cryptocurrency is here to stay. Many individuals and investors have been appealed by the cryptocurrency industry mainly due to its revolutionary ability to process payments and connect across borders. However, the majority are wondering what’s beyond some of the popular cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Dash is a promising cryptocurrency in the market that is worth looking into. In this article, The fulcrum of this article is to make you understand what is a dash and what you can do with it..

Launched in 2014, Dash (DASH) is a cryptocurrency designed to improve the privacy and speed of transactions. Dash mainly focuses on making transactions cheaper, faster, and private. Over the years, especially on 2017 when it went up by 8000%, dash has shown great potential and as well attracted much attention from significant crypto enthusiasts throughout the world.

Dash and its Features

Let’s look at some features that make Dash unique.

  • The PrivateSend feature

With Dash, you can send funds privately. This feature allows you to mix a private transaction between several other transactions, therefore, making it hard to point out any specific transaction. Since the transaction flow is untraceable, the privacy of such a transaction is maintained.

This system is based on an optional CoinJoin coin mixing service where the user chooses whether to use the privacy feature.  This feature is however limited to 1000 Dash.

  • The InstantSend feature

InstantSend, previously referred to as InstantX, is one of the most alluring features of Dash. This feature allows you to transfer Dash transactions instantly – approximately within 1.5 seconds which is far faster than other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, instant send solves the issue of double-spending (is the process where the same single digital token is spent more than once)

  • Masternodes

Author’s Snapshot of Dash Masternode Configuration

Dash network has special nodes called Masternodes. This is unlike Bitcoin, where all the nodes are equal. This Masternodes plays a vital role in the Dash network by enabling specific functions to work- the Privatesend and InstantSend features. The nodes earn a 45% block reward for processing such transactions.

What does the future hold for Dash

Cryptocurrency prices are highly speculative, and it’s impossible to say with certainty what the future holds for Dash. It’s however important to assess whether the dash cryptocurrency is well placed to appreciate before deciding to invest in it.

It’s important to remember that several factors regulate cryptocurrency prices including Dash and they are continually changing. And, bearing in mind the high volatility in this market, it’s certainly not easy to predict for sure the price of dash. But at least, even if you can’t predict the actual rate of dash, you can predict its range. Here are simple tricks that you can use to predict the price of Dash.

Stay up to date with crypto news

If you want to predict the correct range of the price of Dash, you must read the news reports. This not only means news about Dash but as well you must be well informed about the cryptocurrency industry. Listen to the latest cryptocurrencies news and note any new developments on the coin.

With such information, you can be able to predict the price of Dash and decide accordingly. For instance, there are phone applications for cryptocurrency news. You can subscribe to such application and receive notifications when something important happens. You can as well follow websites news such as Forex News.

Follow famous crypto experts

The cryptocurrency industry is highly volatile and as well very manipulative. In fact, most people or investors follow each other’s movements. Just a simple Reddit post from a famous crypto expert pushes a lot of people to buying dash or any other coin.

While this is not a sure prediction, it may be wise to follow such people and if necessary, consider their suggestions. Using their insights, you can predict the price trends of dash before buying. You can also use their analysis to predict the future of dash.

Analyze the trend of dash

You can as well predict the future price of Dash based on the trends of its network. For instance, popular exchanges or big companies partnering or investing in it may mean that the coin has the potential to grow. Also, analyze the price trends of dash and find out the most probable future price range.

Bottom line

Doing thorough research about Dash is a crucial factor. Be well informed with all information regarding dash including its technology and what makes it unique. This way, you will be able to analyze its features against its competitors and determine its survival or success rate in the industry. In addition, carefully assess all the factors affecting its price and decide whether it’s worth investing in.

It’s clear however that dash is well placed to continue its growth and work towards achieving its goals and objectives of improving the speed and privacy of payment. Dash aims at being the most user-friendly cryptocurrency in the world, and indeed, dash has more realistic chances of staying around. Of course, whether dash will achieve its goals is a point of optimism.