Don’t Let a DUI Ruin Your Life

What Is A DUI?

Driving Under the Influence, or DUI is a crime that can be charged if you have a blood alcohol count reading of .08 or greater. While this is normally the case for being charged with a DUI, you should know that driving under the influence in general–due to alcohol or medication–can actually get you charged with a DUI. That means even if your blood alcohol count is lower than .08, you may still be charged with a DUI. Because of the high stakes associated with a DUI, it’s crucial that you find the right DUI attorney Vancouver WA to handle your case.

The Implications

The consequences of being found guilty of a DUI are dire. Not only is it one of the only offenses that can’t be removed from your criminal record, but it can have long-lasting financial problems. For first time offenders, you may even be sent to jail. For repeated offenders, jail time is likely. Normally, the jail sentence is up to one year, but for repeat offenders, this may be extended. You’ll also face a $5,000 fine, license suspension, high-risk insurance for three years, ignition interlock will be installed on your car, and for those who are not a civilian in the United States, you may even risk being deported. Because of these hefty punishments, you may find yourself struggling financially to pay off those fines as well as find a new place of employment after serving time in jail.

Because of this, finding an experienced lawyer in handling DUI cases is critical to protecting your rights. One of those firms is the law offices of Morse, Bratt, Andrews, and Terry. With their combined experience, they can help mitigate, remove, or even lower some of the consequences facing you. John Terry, in particular, has handled hundreds of DUI cases and thus has a keen understanding of how to serve his clients. To make sure your life isn’t ruined by a DUI, you should consider taking on an experienced lawyer to help.