The Dos and Don’ts of Playing Rummy with Kids

Rummy is a fun game that people of any age can understand and play. That is probably the reason why rummy is a major element in most family get togethers. It is true that rummy also develops many skills in individuals and that is why it makes sense to play rummy with kids. However, remember a few things listed below when you play rummy with kids:

Never Play with Money

We all know that gambling is bad. At young age, it is difficult to make children understand the difference between playing casually with money and actual gambling. That is the reason why it is advisable that people never play using money while playing with kids. How the kids perceive the game of Indian Rummy can have a deep impact on their future.

Appreciate as They Play Well

Children need appreciation when they learn something new. If they grasp the game of rummy quickly or play it well, make it a point to tell them so. Do not hesitate to guide them so that they improve. This will make the game even more enjoyable and healthy.

Do Not Permit or Encourage Cheating

Children do not have a difference between game and reality. They perceive everything alike. That is the reason why you need to be strict on the ethics part too while encouraging kids to play rummy. Do not allow the children to cheat and simply stop playing if the kids are found cheating. Strict action will help them understand that cheating shall never be tolerated, whether it be a game of rummy or real life.

Be Careful of Rummy Addiction

While it is good to have a fun game of classic rummy with kids, don’t make it a habit. Addiction is a dangerous thing even when it comes to playing rummy or any other card game. To keep them safe from this possibility, you must alter the games a bit or play different card games each time.

Winning Shouldn’t Be the Motto

Do not induce the feeling of competition even in household games. Winning should not be the motto of playing such a game, enjoyment should be. Make sure the game never becomes one-sided. Also teach your kids to take victory as well as defeat casually.

Encourage Kids to Perceive the Game as a Learning Process

When you play rummy with children, tell them a bit about the history of cards and how cards originated. You may also take time to describe the different types of rummy games that are popular across India. It needn’t always be historical. You may also tell kids how you started playing rummy and how it helped to build relationships with your friends and dear ones. These things help children perceive rummy beyond a mere game. It also prevents them from looking at it as a challenge or a serious thing.

When your kids are a bit bigger, maybe in their adolescence, take time to teach them not just how to play rummy but also the risks associated with gambling and why they should stay away from any such habit.