The dosa machine makers were not alone. There were other policy issues around fitment of GST rates on some products of which the minister made a special mention in his address.

He was here along with government officials to assure and imbibe confidence amongst the trade and industry about simplification of the tax regime under GST. “Our goal is price stability and revenue neutrality. Trust the system. The moment it is in place, you will start getting the refund on the 9th day,” he said.

The meeting at the Codissia Trade Fair Centre was organised jointly by the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore and the Coimbatore District Small Industries Association (Codissia).

Voicing appreciation about the feedback from industry and trade associations across the country about issues and challenges that they faced since July 1, he said “different industry clusters and industry sectors faced certain challenges as they implemented the Goods and Services Tax. We have been able to successfully resolve many of their issues.”

Issues in aviation

“We have been dealing with 6-7 major issues in the aviation sector such as double taxation, concerns over availing input tax credit, movement of spare parts across the country and so on. The biggest issue prior to GST implementation was to ensure the issues around global ticketing systems are addressed before the roll out. And it was quite possible to do the ticketing for us from day 1 of roll out.” “We have managed to resolve 70-80 per cent of the issues in the last week and move forward in implementation of GST.”

Responding to queries on connectivity, he said “we are hopeful that as airlines add more planes and pilot to their fleet, Coimbatore would be on top.”

On bilateral agreement, he agreed to resolve the issues on bilateral connectivity and see which countries could be connected within the agreements.

“There have to be modifications within the bilateral agreements that we have, and we will look into it,” the minister assured.