Here’s How Double Income Nuclear Families Should Raise the Kids

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There is an old Japanese proverb, “It takes two to make a child, but it takes a village to raise one.” However, in a modern nuclear family setup, the village has just two inhabitants. It is difficult for parents to raise the children when both are working. Furthermore, lack of time and interaction opportunities withkidsadd to the challenges. So how do double incomenuclear families give their child a happy life? Small things can make big differences for kids. Here’s how:

  1. Never Compare Your Child to Others

Parents who compare their children at the drop of a hat, eventually make their kids nervous and jittery. Comparing your kids may make them excessively focused on pleasing you (and others),andthey willconstantly feel they are not meeting expectations. They will lose their confidence.

Your job as parents should be to encourage them at every step, not remind them of who else is ahead. So, suggest collaboration over competition. In collaborative environments, children can beencouraged to share and work together to arrive at new ideas, leading to a moreinnovative and successful new generation.

  1. Stay Positive

When you are working for many hours, the hectic schedule can make you tiresome andirritated. Additionally, there is a substantial link between parents who feel depressed and “negative outcomes” in their children. So, it is essential that you stay positive and spend some time with your child each day.

Be comforting, give your kid a hug or a gentle pat on the back. Laugh together, do things that are fun. And if you make a promise, do your best to fulfil it.

  1. Make the Most ofMoments

It’s true what they say: “Office files and dirty dishes aren’t going anywhere”. So, take a break from the rat race and commit to cherishing the small moments with your child.

All you need to do isadjust or change your routine a bit to increase your awareness of the special moments all around you. Go to the park in the morning with your child, visit the children’s museum, stop in a cafe for a little cup of coffee or cook dinner together. It’s that simple! Put efforts into doing something fun, andyou will be amazed at how vivid that memory becomes for you.

  1. Share Responsibilities

Balancing work and family life can be difficult for working parents. However, when both parentsshare equal responsibility, a proper work-life balance can be achieved. If you give more time to your child, he will feel close and warm,andthis will bring a peaceful environment to the whole family.

With preferences in mind, you and yourspouse can make a schedule of household responsibilities. Maybe one of you can take the breakfast duty,and the other can make the evening dinner. Or try taking days on and off, one of you cleans up on Mondays and Wednesdays, the other takesTuesdays and Thursdays.Or you can take care of your child’s education requirements (meetings, projects and so on), while your wife can take care of thehealthcare needs.

  1. Plan for Contingencies

Taking care of your child falls into place naturally, but as a responsible parent, you need to fulfil certain obligations.As a parent, your responsibilities increase manifold, and you have to pay for your child’s sustenance, education, lifestyle and healthcare.

Sometimes while feeling overwhelmed by what you are dealing with in the present, the future may seem too impossible to think about. However, some uncertainties shouldbe given a thought. If anything were to happen to you, or your spouse, a financial cover should be sufficient to cover all expenses of your child till he/she becomes financially independent.

A child plan can be an ideal choice which can offer you the benefit of protection and savings. Child investment plans give the financial security to your child so that his/her future never gets hindered due to an unfortunate event.

Here is how a child plans pave the way for a secure future

  • Helps build a corpus for higher education
  • Acts as a kitty for medical treatments of your child
  • Supports the child in the absence of parents


Parenting is a noble calling, but it’s difficult to bring up well-adjusted, confident child in a nuclear family. But with these five tips, your task should become a little bit less daunting.

So, take one step at a time, one day at a time, and get ready for all the challenges!