What to Include on Your Contractor’s Website

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Working as a contractor lets you work with your hands, set your own schedule and really be your own boss. When clients call you, you can go to their job sites to see what they need and create estimates that tell them how much you would charge for the job. While you can rely on word of mouth to get jobs, you can also tell others about your services with your own website. Before your site goes live though, there are some things you need to make sure you include on that page.

Services Offered

A website that advertises your contracting business must include a full list of all the services that you offer. Whether you are a general handyman who can do a little bit of everything or you specialize in plumbing or other types of work, make that clear on the site. This keeps clients from calling you with questions about jobs you cannot handle and gives them an idea of how you can help before they call. You may want to include some photos of the work that you did in the past too.

Customer Guarantee

Make sure that your site includes the guarantee that you offer to clients. This serves as your mission statement and gives them a reason to choose you over all the other contractors working in your city. You might guarantee your work for a specific period of time in the future or guarantee that you will respond to all questions or comments within 24 hours. The site should also include information about the licenses and insurance that you have. Having California contractors insurance and listing it on your site lets prospective clients know that you have the insurance necessary to protect them against damage to their homes.

Contact Form

Some contractors assume that they can just put phone numbers up on their sites and handle any of the calls that come in from clients. This can result in clients calling your cell phone in the middle of the night or people constantly texting you with simple questions. Having a contact form limits some of the calls that you receive. This form allows clients to provide you with a name and phone number as well as some basic information about the jobs or repairs that they need. Before putting your contracting website on the internet, make sure it includes a contact form, service guarantee and a list of the services that you provide.