How to Make Employees Comfortable on Their First Trip

A first time business trip is immensely exciting, and it also tends to be fairly overwhelming and intimidating for the employee. Many business travelers don’t know what to expect on their first trip. However, clear company expectations, guidance from fellow coworkers, and a bit of assistance along the way can quickly instill confidence and peace of mind for the employee.

Offer Maps, Translation Dictionaries, & Brochures

For employees who are traveling to culturally diverse cities where they may have a hard time communicating, it is vital that the employee has translation books to help them navigate and communicate throughout the trip. Maps allow the individual to get to and from meeting locations, satellite offices, and the hotel easily; this is especially helpful if the employee’s phone doesn’t have service during the trip. Brochures can give the employee information regarding local attractions, restaurants, and activities that he or she can explore during down time.

Guidance from Experienced Employees

Before an employee embarks on a trip, recruit an experienced employee who travels frequently or traveled to that city previously to offer guidance. He or she can explain the locale or answer any questions regarding what is expected of the trip. Speaking to someone with experience can be very reassuring.

Make Allowances & Guidelines Clear & Easy to Understand

Corporate spending allowances should always be thoroughly understood, so that the employee knows how to eat or spend during the trip. All guidelines should be clear, as well as the trip itinerary. The employee must know what he or she must do and cannot do, such as leaving the limits of the city or avoiding public eye due to security or privacy concerns.

Provide Assistance & Transportation

Employees who are recruited for corporate travel may need some help locating their gate for their flight, or finding their hotel. An assistant can help to lead the employee to and from flights, while also transporting the employee to the destination hotel.

Companies require employees to travel for a wide variety of reasons, with many trips occurring simultaneously. A great trip ensures that the employee is willing and ready to accept another traveling job when the opportunity presents itself.