It May Be Time to Expand and Upgrade Your Dictation System

If you find yourself with a growing need for transcribing words, then you also need to look into the use of modern digital dictation equipment. There are special phones called C-phones that are ideal for use for companies with a lot of dictation needs. The following are a few ways that this type of equipment can help increase your productivity.

What is a C-phone?
The letter C stands for coupler, but this is not very informative. Basically these phones serve as a recording device, but they also allow for editing by the user. The phone is tied into a large digital recording device, such as a hard drive on a computer. This can be a part of your main server for your company. The user first logs into the digital recording system, usually with a name or identifying number and then possibly a password. He or she can then dictate the information desired. After this, the information can then be reviewed. If additions or deletions need to be made, the user can take care of this before having a final digital recording saved on the system.

The next step
Once the file is saved, the computer system can then be made available to the people who are doing the transcription work. They may be in-house employees, but they may be subcontractors working from their own homes. By having all of this work available in your system, you can give transcriptionists access to the files, and they can work at their own pace. Once you have the digital recording system in place and you have the software installed, it is only a matter of buying the right number of C-phones for your business. When the need arises, expanding your system is easy. You only need to connect another node to your main system.

There are several companies that sell the type of equipment that you will need for your business. One example can be found with dictaphone c-phones. There are many options available depending upon the size of your business and the amount of dictation that is being done.