How Owning These 5 Finance Franchises Can Help People Invest in Their Future

You have a mind for numbers, assets and an entrepreneurial drive. The only thing you don’t have is an idea on how you want to invest your time, money and energy. Should you start your own business? Make a new product or offer a new service?

Or does becoming a franchisee make more sense for you?

There are tons of different ways to invest in the franchise world, and we’ve been outlining some of them with our Franchise 500 list. We’ve broken down the fast food industry, tech options and more. But, in each of those options, you’re investing in a brand and a product.

When you invest in a finance franchise, you’re actually investing in real people. By investing in one of the franchises listed, you can help others get capital for their small business, pay hospital bills, buy a car or save on taxes. You’re not just selling a product (though you are doing that, too), you actually have the chance to change people’s lives.

Start the slideshow to learn about our five favorite finance franchises.