When people go out to enjoy a meal at a restaurant

When people go out to enjoy a meal at a restaurant or an appetizer at a cafe, they usually like to have something good to drink along with it, like a glass of wine or a beer. Restaurants that serve alcohol benefit from this, as the profit margin from alcohol sales can be high, which helps a lot to keep a food and entertainment establishment up and running. Still, serving alcohol does carry a lot of responsibility, which is why business owners who want to serve need to do all the legal and governmental paperwork required to obtain a permit to sell.

A Complicated Process

The Texas government wants to be sure that those who are providing alcohol in their businesses is doing so with a keen awareness of their responsibility. That’s why business owners must go to great lengths to get the necessary permit to sell alcohol. Yes, the process is complex, and since the rules vary from city to city in Texas, the requirements to get a permit can be utterly dizzying.

The complexity of the permit process means that it can actually take up to six months to get a permit. The timing of the permit process also means that a business owner has to plan carefully, so they can have the permit before they open a new bar or cafe. This whole process also usually coincides with all the work that has to be done to establish a new business, which can make the entire process very difficult, indeed.

Consultants With TABC Expertise

The solution for many restaurant and bar owners who need a TABC permit is to go to consulting agencies that specialize in the permit process. These consultants know the steps to take to get a permit in a timely fashion, and they can speed through the process and alleviate a lot of stress. Sometimes they can get a permit in just six weeks, but it’s usually wise for business owners to allow three months, just in case.

Yes, getting outside help will cost a little extra, but the savings in time and frustration is well worth the cost. For more information on consultants, click here.