Productivity Tips For Marketing Teams

Creating awesome marketing campaign doesn’t happen by magic. It usually takes the work of a skilled and diverse team, all of whom offer their own creative talents and expertise to create something that does wonders for a business’s brand, profitability, or public awareness. If you’re leading a marketing team and are concerned that you’re not getting the kind of productivity going on your campaigns that you’d like or that certain members seem to be lagging behind, there are solutions to help boost your performance. Start using these tips today to see real results.

Get the right tools.

You can’t create, plan, and execute a successful marketing campaign without up to date tools and software. Get on board with marketing-specialised project planning software australia. This software can help you avoid the endless back-and-forth email chains, the tedious catch-up sessions, and the confusion as to who is at what point in the project by joining the whole team together on one clever technological tool. You can submit work for approval, add comments, communicate with team members, and update calendars to schedule certain deadlines or launch dates all in one convenient working space.

Understand that creativity can be tough to put on a timeline.

While deadlines are obviously crucial, it’s important for team leaders to be aware of the difficulties that can come up on the creative side of the team. For example, copywriters and designers may need multiple revisions to their work and time to brainstorm and try out ideas before a clear final draft is ready to go. You can encourage productivity within this area of your team by introducing them to helpful ideas like the Pomodoro Technique, which asks employees to work on a task with concentrated focus for 25 minutes and then take a 3-5 minute break, regardless of where they’re at in the workday. This time-saving idea can help encourage creativity without stifling the process.

Have a thorough briefing process.

Vague, difficult to understand briefs can lead to a major breakdown in productivity when putting together a marketing campaign. Whether you’re working with a sales team in connection with a client or doing an in-house campaign for your own business, it’s crucial that thorough, clear briefs are provided for every team member at every stage of the campaign development process. Without a good brief, you’re unlikely to get the results you want from your team, and you can easily waste precious time as well as frustrating your team members. Every employee under your management should know exactly what’s expected from them, who is responsible for which task, and when the task needs to be completed by.

Be conscious of each team member’s time.

Unless you’re using proper management tools and keeping a close eye on every member of your marketing team, it’s near-impossible to tell which employees are thriving and which are struggling to keep up when it comes to productivity. If you are keeping track and notice that certain team members are lagging behind, take time to assess whether the project work has been distributed fairly, whether they have sufficient time to complete each assignment, and whether a particular difficulty may be causing a delay in the business process. Then, you can address the problem with a full understanding of the bigger picture.