Raquel Vendome New York and the Pursuit of her Father’s Dream Project, the Habitable Structure

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The Habitable Structure is a vision that Antonio Vendome wants to realize, and his daughter, Raquel Vendome, is set on helping him with this dream. Raquel went to college at Lynn University in Boca Raton, where she majored in Early Childhood Education. She had worked with kids for years, yet was always torn between pursuing that track and establishing a career in the real estate industry. She eventually decided to work under her father and his company, Vendome Property Management Inc.

The Vendome Property Management Inc. is the most successful real estate development company in the state. It is also one of the giants in downtown Manhattan and Queens managing some of the biggest properties in the area.

In the recent years, Antonio Vendome has been very busy working on the latest project that would make a big change in the landscape of the Manhattan skyline. He wants to make renowned architect, Philip Cortelyou Johnson’s last work, the Habitable Structure, become a reality.

Johnson and Antonio Vendome had worked in the recent decade to create some of the most impressive architectural designs in the modern world. Johnson, known for his New Canaan house project called the Glass House, had seized accolade from the architectural world because of its perfect dimensions and intriguing philosophical artistry.

The Habitable Structure, combining the aesthetics of masters such as Braque and Picasso, and with a distinct layout resembling a John Chamberlain sculpture, has a postmodern architectural appeal. The tubular structure and cubist angles make it look something straight out of a Picasso painting.

Not only does it define the true vision of the artistic craftsmanship of Johnson, but the geometric forms also relates to Vendome’s patronage for the art. His heritage dictates true acumen for the cultural development of the future generation. Not only is he involved in the early concepts of the Habitable Structure, but he was one of the forces in its realization.

Antonio Vendome plans to construct the Habitable Structure in ten different places, five of which will be located in the US and the remaining others will be erected in different parts of the world. When His dreams become reality, it would put him and Johnson in the forefront of postmodern architecture and make a real change in the mixture of art and building construction.

With Raquel Vendome also working towards the pursuit of this dream project, there is definitely more chance that it will come true. RaquelVemdome is looking forward to keeping Antonio’s empire strong and to passing it on to further generations.