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10 Tips for Building a Customer Focused Business

“Customer is King” has become a popular saying in business for good reason. Your customers ultimately make the determination about how successful your business becomes. So you need to keep your customers top of mind in every decision you make. For tips on keeping your business customer focused and more, check out this recent content from members of the online ... Read More »

Proven Strategies for Building Trust in the New Sharing Economy

While the sharing of resources among individuals is not new, the last five years have seen an explosion in collective sharing thanks to the Internet. From AirBnb and Uber to Car2Go and Rover, the new sharing economy business model gives consumers access to unused goods and services. From power tools to dog sitting to a ride to the airport, the sharing economy is revolutionizing how to acquire ... Read More »

10 Confidence Building Techniques for the Boardroom

One of the biggest snags in the success and career advancement of many young people is a lack of self-assurance. When faced with a room of the top guns of the corporate world, it is easy to feel intimidated and want to retreat into a corner. But, look around you, and you’ll hear about lots of young teenagers who made ... Read More »

Building Wealth Through Wealth Management

It’s easier to build anything, tangible or intangible, if you have a solid foundation. Those businesses or individuals who have already found a measure of wealth in life have a better chance of using that wealth to generate more wealth. It’s not possible to do this, though, without the solid foundation of wealth and an army of good investors who ... Read More »

Move Your Retail Company Forward With These Business-Building Strategies

Company growth is typically at the top of the business owner’s priority list. However, it’s not uncommon to find that many corporate leaders occasionally run out of strategies that will help facilitate business expansion. But no worries! By using some or all of the business-building strategies outlined below, you can keep your company on the path to explosive growth: 1. ... Read More »