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How to exit your investments

It is not enough to just plan and save for your goals. You may do everything right on that score but still find yourself short if the money is not readily available to use when the goals have to be funded. Here are some moves to make at the end stage of the game—when you are near your goals—so that ... Read More »

Now Sir James Dyson urges single market exit, just months after losing a nasty battle in Brussels

Sir James Dyson is at again. The godfather of gadgets, ranging from vacuum cleaners to hand driers to fancy looking fans that cost a king’s ransom, has stomped into the debate over whether Britain should stay in the European single market when it finally quits the EU. It probably won’t come as any great surprise to you to learn that ... Read More »

EU exit backed by 250 business leaders

Brexit campaigners have hit back in the battle of the endorsements – unveiling a group of 250 business leaders and entrepreneurs who have signed up as backers of the campaign to leave the European Union. In a repost to pro-EU supporters, who recently released a list of 30 FTSE companies who publicly recommended a remain vote, the main anti-European campaign ... Read More »