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‘Bad bank’ can help improve NPA resolution

Separating bad assets from good ones and maximum recovery at the lowest cost are the tenets on which the ‘bank’ must be built The limited success of the current NPA resolution framework and its mechanisms calls for new forms of institutions which will be effective in dealing with the current NPA crisis. The need for a new institution is warranted ... Read More »

Amp Up Your Marketing on a Budget: 7 Ways to Use Free Tools to Improve Your Digital Presence

If you’re a business owner, blogger or freelancer, chances are, you engage in some form of digital marketing for your business. You probably never intended to, and you certainly weren’t trained for it, but somewhere along the line, you figured it out because you realized your business would be dead without it. Kudos for that, marketing in today’s world is no easy ... Read More »

How to Improve Inventory Tracking: 5 Solutions for Small Businesses

Being mobile is an absolute essential for small business entrepreneurs who need the flexibility to run their businesses from just about anywhere. This flexibility can come easily if your business deals with virtual services, like consulting. But if your company provides a physical sales product, you can’t escape the need to track inventory. Enterprise-level inventory tracking systems are not only expensive, ... Read More »

5 Quick Steps to Improve Your Finances in 2018

Losing weight and improving one’s finances are almost always at the top of most people’s lists of New Year’s resolutions. It makes sense to look out for your physical and financial health so you can enjoy life to the fullest. Following through on your resolutions is usually the tough part — it takes changes in certain behaviors, discipline and time ... Read More »

How to Improve Client Relations

When you’re trying to build your business from the ground up, it can be difficult to establish positive relations with prospective clients and keep them aware of your brand. In addition to taking care of the logistics for your growing startup, you should also keep in mind the marketing needs that you’ll inevitably have to deal with. While the Internet ... Read More »

Easy Ways to Improve Your Home

Selling your old house? Planning to remodel your house? A house truly belongs to you not when you sign the bond, but only after you customize it to your exclusive lifestyle. You need not rely on a handyman every time for altering or improving your home. Whether you’re planning to sell your house, or want to alter it to your ... Read More »

Charity calls for ‘vacancy tax’ on empty houses in Victoria to improve affordability

Taxing Victorian homes left vacant for 12 months or more would make housing more affordable and raise money for social housing programs, a charity group says. Prosper Australia’s 2015 Speculative Vacancies report, which looked at water usage, suggested that almost 25,000 dwellings were demonstrably unoccupied across Melbourne in 2014. Launch Housing chief executive Tony Keenan said there was a housing ... Read More »