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Shoppers are propping up the economy. What if they stop spending?

1. Negative feedback loop: The American shopper — the MVP of the national, if not the global, economy — is suddenly showing signs of fatigue. Core retail sales plummeted 1.7% in December, the most in nearly two decades. Blame the December stock market chaos. Or the beginning of the government shutdown. Or even “glitches” in the data, as White House economic ... Read More »

How to Gain Millennial Customers: 6 Things They Want From Your Brand

It’s time to drop your preconceived notions about millennials right here at the beginning of this article. You may think you know who millennials are — maybe you are one yourself, or you have a child who falls into this category – but you’re probably sorely mistaken. Stereotypes offer us valuable and efficient mental shortcuts that can be used to ... Read More »

64 Percent of Small Businesses Can’t Track Printer Usage or Costs — And They Really Should!

Almost two thirds, or 64 percent, of small businesses can’t track how much their print devices cost them nor can they track their usage. And if you are not able to track these basic stats in your business, you will not know how much is being wasted. The How to Optimize Your IT Budget With Smarter Document Management (PDF) report and The State ... Read More »

Finance firms fitting ‘kill switches’ to immobilise customers’ cars if they miss a payment

Lenders install GPS devices which allow them to disable drivers’ cars Getty Images Car finance firms are fitting controversial kill switches that immobilise customers’ vehicles if they miss payments. Drivers with poor credit ratings are being offered the GPS devicesby lenders, who can then remotely disable cars if motorists fail to meet debt deadlines. But some lawyers and finance experts have voiced concerns ... Read More »

Brokerage calculators: How are they helpful?

Share trading in India is one of the most prominent ways that people think of when they have to save their money, invest it somewhere they could get some quick returns or simply want some sort of conventional way to earn money. Another known fact here is that you cannot directly invest your money in any of the options like ... Read More »

Banks may be big, but they have ‘value’: Barclays’ Goldberg

Though Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has pledged to break up the country’s largest financial institutions, it is unlikely his rhetoric will have an impact on the banking system — even if he prevails in his quest for the White House, Barclays’ Jason Goldberg said. Banking giants have been in the crosshairs of regulators for years, with the 2008 crisis ... Read More »