Three Things to Consider Before Opening a Miniature Golf Course

Miniature golf courses were once so popular that you could visit any large city and find multiple courses. Unlike standard golf courses that require some understanding of golf fundamentals, miniature golf is something that anyone can play. Even those who aren’t very good at the sport will still have a fun time playing a round with their family and friends. While many of these courses closed over the years, you can still open one that is popular in your community, but there are a few things that you should consider ahead of time.

More Than Just Golf

The top miniature golf courses are those that provide more than just golf. Some people think that they can pick a theme and build a course around that theme to make money, but the best courses are those that offer other things for visitors to do. You might open a small store that offers snacks and cold drinks for sale as well as souvenirs like shirts and hats with the name of your course on the front. Adding an arcade with some classic games and/or running an on-site restaurant can make your course more appealing too.

Routine Maintenance

Traditional golf courses require quite a bit of routine maintenance. Even skipping mowing one day will change the way people play and can leave them with a negative impression of the course. While miniature golf courses use artificial turf rather than real grass, you still need to do some maintenance. Mowing the grass around your business is much easier with the use of a mower like the Mahindra Max 25, and if you really dislike taking care of that grass and any plants growing nearby, you can hire a landscape company to help.

Advertising to Customers

Don’t forget to consider what advertising methods you’ll use to reach out to customers. You might advertise in the newspapers of local high schools and include a coupon that gets teens to come in and play, or you might run ads in your city’s newspaper and those in surrounding areas. Running ads at local hotels can help you appeal to visitors to your city who want something fun to do. You’ll want to advertise online as well and create social media accounts to interact with customers. Using these tips will help you run a successful and popular miniature golf course in your city.