Top Gate Opener Features for Business Properties

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Owning a business property like an office complex or a manufacturing facility requires that the owner take steps to protect those who use those spaces. When you have a gate that surrounds your property, you’ll need an opener that makes it easier to open and close that gate. Commercial gates can weigh thousands of pounds, but an opener allows the gate to open and close smoothly and without sticking. You should look at some of your options when picking which gate openers Jacksonville FL installation experts you pick to install your opener.


Adding a timer to the gate is just one option you might like. With a timer, the gate closes automatically to keep people from hanging out at the gate for too long. The timer also prevents others from finding a way inside without your permission. Some timers actually let you pick how long the gate will remain open once someone access it. You can choose to have the gate close within five minutes or less. Other timers allow you to program settings into that gate opener up to seven days in advance.

Code Reader

Hiring full-time security guards may cost more than you want to spend. Those guards usually sit by the gate and hit a button inside to lift it when someone drives inside, and they can use the same button to close the gate after a vehicle safely drives through. Instead of hiring guards, you can add a code reader to your guard. This allows workers to hold up their badges or passes and have the system read their codes. The gate will automatically lift to let them through. Similar openers have a numeric keypad that lets workers and visitors enter a code to lift the gate and get inside.

Emergency Features

You might consider adding some emergency features to the gate too, which will help keep you and your employees or tenants safe. One example is a strobe light. This is a type of light that blinks at a fast pace to alert others of a problem. You might add a siren that comes on to emit a loud wail or noise when a problem occurs. These features are great for letting you know of a problem at the front gate when working inside and allow you to call for help as soon as possible. Talk with the installation company you hire about other features you can add to a gate and opener.