Why Use a Packaging and Quality Control Consultant?

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All businesses desire that there products make it to the consumer intact, with the product ready to use. Products that are regulated face tougher scrutiny than most. Hiring a consultant can help ensure that the quality and integrity of your packaging is well within the boundaries of compliance.

Regulatory Specifications

Selling products that fall under domestic or international regulatory compliance can seem difficult when it comes to providing the proper packaging. The items need to be secure and protected, yet easy to access for the consumer. The packaging also needs to be attractive enough to draw the attention of the consumer. It must impart certain information to be compliant to regulatory controls. An experienced consultant can help bring all of these elements together for you.

Package Stability of Design

How well does the packaging stand up to heat and cold? Are the materials used to construct the package suitable for the intended market? Will it stand up to the logistics of the final destination? These are all critical questions that need to have positive answers, or you have to go back to the drawing board to design new packaging. Consultants and design engineers will assist in making this process as easy as possible. Years of tried and true experience make the difference in bringing you a quick solution.

Quality Control of Packaging

There is always a failure rate to packaging of all types. The number should be kept as low as possible, but there will be a time when packaging opens up and fails for any number of reasons. Consultants can explore why this has happened and offer suggestions for needed design changes to reduce the incidences of package failure.

Instructions and Safety Data Availability

The Material Safety data Sheets and instructions should be clear to read and understand. Compliance mandates that these items be given extra attention to alert consumers to dangers and proper use of medications, chemicals and other items. Design professionals can help create the drawings needed to use for correct usage instructions.

Contact packaging experts like Ten E and request more information on what packaging testing consulting can do for your line of products.