You might’ve learned this while you were in school

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College is finally over! You’ve written the long papers, passed the tests and walked across the stage as a college graduate. Now, it’s time to enter the working world. You might’ve learned this while you were in school, but it’s worth repeating. When it’s time to transition into the workplace, always remember to start strong. How you start is how you finish. Put your best foot forward with these tips to transition successfully into the workplace.

1. Find a living situation that works.
When you’re first starting out, you might want to consider living with roommates. It’ll help you save a whole lot of money. It’s also great to find a place that’s not too far away from your place of employment. If the commute is over 45 minutes each way, know that it can really take a toll on you in the long run. It’s also wise to consider a place where you can access the highway, public transportation and grocery stores without too much fuss. You want a place that’s close to your job, but you also need to make sure that it’s a space that allows you to live your life as well.

2. Maintain reliable transportation.
Reliable transportation is essential. You never want to be late to work. In fact, it’s much better to be early to work. If you’re depending on public transportation to get to work every day, leave extra 20 to 30 minutes early to get to work. You never know if there will be traffic or accident. You don’t want someone’s misfortune to become your own with a lost job. If you have a car, always take traffic into consideration. You never want to be in a position where traffic is the reason why you’re late. That’ll only work for a small period of time.

3. Stay organized.
Whether you choose to use digital calendars and scheduling systems or you love to write everything down in a planner, make sure to stay organized. Keep track of your appointments and plans within the workplace and outside of the workplace. When you know what’s going on, you’re able to make an informed decision on requests that are made of you. It’s also important to be impeccable about your word. When you’re asked to do a task, make sure you deliver and get it done. You were hired for a reason and it’s to execute. You get to learn in the process, but that shouldn’t hamper your ability to get the work done.

4. Always remain teachable.
No matter the industry, techniques are always changing. There are always new and improved ways to complete tasks. Stay teachable by attending seminars, conferences and lectures. Consider continuing your education to grow as a professional. While you’re in the workplace, learn from your older colleagues and absorb as much information as possible. It’ll serve you at some point in your life.

5. Maintain a work/life balance.
Businessman Chris Pivik does an amazing job of maintaining a work/life balance. Chris Pivik is intentional about traveling and documenting the journey. Remember that while work is important, it’s not your entire life. Invest in people and enjoy hobbies like traveling and photography. If all you do is work, you’re going to end up experiencing burnout. Recharge with a balance and you’ll be okay.